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AirTags for iPhones will allow passengers to check in a bag while in flight

AirTags for iPhones will allow passengers to check in a bag while in flight

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

Apple’s new AirTags for iPhones will also allow the company’s iPad Air to check a bag while it’s in flight, according to comments made by Lufthansa, a German international airline.

“For passengers with Apple AirTags in their checked baggage, we have received a formal demand by Apple to extend this technology to the iPad Air,” the company’s director of marketing, Stefan Schubert, said in a statement to Bloomberg. “We are working on this right now. But as we did with Apple AirPods, we have to be careful to ensure that there is absolutely no risk to passengers.”

The AirTags allow passengers to check in a bag with their iWatch or iPad Air without leaving their seat, but the new technology may not have been tested as far as checked baggage is concerned. In fact, it might have been tested on a passenger’s luggage, leaving the airlines as the ones who would be responsible for the security check.

Airplanes are made to be as secure as possible to protect themselves from any possible security breach, but a number of other factors come into play in a situation like this. Would it be worth it to check in the iWatch with a bag tag for everyone to check? Also, the technology itself is a bit of a pain to use and may not be a huge help to passengers who want to check in a bag and still keep their privacy while in the cabin.

The best way to make sure you are in control of your privacy is to avoid checking out anything that isn’t your private property. That means only using credit cards and electronic devices that you purchase in the store, and certainly not other people’s personal items and data. You can also use your headphones during a flight to avoid the need to check their tags. The only problem is then you have to buy a new set of headphones.

It’s worth noting that in these circumstances, the device itself is not actually used to access the Internet. It just has the same information on them as all the other gadgets and data on a plane. It’s not unusual to find other people’s information in the Internet cache on the device itself, but in general, this is not an issue on long flights where people have laptops and phones with them.


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