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Angels Landing developers say they are unwilling to work with De León

Angels Landing developers say they are unwilling to work with De León

Black developers refuse to work with De León on $1.6-billion Angels Landing project By Bill Laitner

June 19, 2016 – 12:00am

A coalition of Mexican developers have publicly stated their unwillingness to move forward with a project that would bring more than 700 jobs to a mostly Latino area on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Angels Landing, a $1.6-billion development proposed for the El Paso sector of San Diego between Tijuana and Otay Mesa, would bring more than 700 new jobs to the area, according to the developers.

The developers say they want to start the project now with their $16-million investment and hope the current administration will deliver what they are calling a “comprehensive immigration reform package.”

But that’s not happening.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the developers said they are unwilling to work with El Paso del Norte director Michael De León, citing “ongoing controversies” with his management style and “his poor performance in the past” on the project, according to an email obtained by the Star.

The developers include the brothers David, Jose and Andres De León with the brothers’ father, Jorge. The brothers are in the process of opening a Mexican restaurant in Las Minas, N.M.

In the email statement, the De Los Nores said they “don’t feel it is politically feasible” to work with De León and that they “are not willing to work with El Paso del Norte unless they become one of the lead developers with a project manager and executive team.”

They added that they are seeking “to have an agreement with the Administration,” although they did not provide a specific date for the project to move forward.

De León did not respond to the email statement.

A public hearing in the El Paso del Norte development is scheduled for 7 to 9 p.m. at the Santa Fe County Courthouse at 7500 Santa Fe Dr.

The proposed project was originally proposed in late 2012, but was delayed on multiple occasions due to delays in obtaining permits, the developers said. The project has been delayed for over two years, with the latest delay coming in mid-last year.

De León has repeatedly declined to meet with the developers

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