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‘Argentina, 1985’ is a Netflix original

'Argentina, 1985' is a Netflix original

A brutal military dictatorship goes on trial in Oscar contender ‘Argentina, 1985’ – watch trailer

Argentina, 1985

by Andy Martin – 14 May 2017

‘Argentina’ is directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, with a screenplay by Amirpour, Tamer Hayyat, and Gilius Marochnik, and we’re also promised a soundtrack by Carlos Santoni and Ana Tostan. While Amirpour is the first woman to direct a Netflix original, she’s by no means the first woman to direct a movie of this kind: Margaret Christensen directed and co-wrote the screenplay for ‘Hemlock Grove’ in 1979 (it’s an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name).

‘Argentina, 1985’ takes place in 1983, when the country follows the path of dictatorships, and with the country’s president and the country’s judiciary set on the side of the military, the country begins its descent into a reign of fear.

What we’re about to see is a tale of a young girl trying to protect her mother who’s threatened with death and who, in her mind, is no different from the country’s dictator. She finds herself in a bizarre and surreal situation, where she has to fight for survival but also to find a way to save her mother from being killed. In doing so, she hopes to save her mother’s country from the same things she’s come to the conclusion of her country have.

The movie comes out on Netflix on May 14, in celebration of International Women’s Day. And, while ‘Argentina, 1985’ is based on a book, it’s a Netflix original, and we’ll find out more information about Amirpour’s debut Netflix film later in the week.

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