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City to close bungee-jumping site in Saratoga Springs

City to close bungee-jumping site in Saratoga Springs

Opponents seek to end a bungee-jumping venue, citing environmental and safety concerns.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The city of Saratoga Springs is set to close a bungee-jumping location in the town’s downtown because the facility is a threat to its environment, safety and public health.

City officials said the city will make the decision Monday regarding the Bungee Jump and Adventure School.

In December, a city commissioner held a hearing and unanimously agreed to close the park, which has been operated as a recreational facility that sells classes and rentals. It is on a corner between two railroad tracks.

The park’s owner, John L. Gart, is seeking to remain as a part owner.

City officials said the park is a public nuisance because it can create a safety risk, which is considered hazardous to the public if a person’s balance is unstable or someone walks off a wall at nearly 6 feet off the ground.

Gart also could jeopardize the public health, the officials said, by allowing public urination, urine smells and the use of drugs in the park.

“In our opinion, the Bungee Jumping Site should be closed,” said City Attorney George P. Larrick in an affidavit filed in a court case.

But Gart has said that the park was a “free-standing business.”

Larrick said there is no legal basis for the city’s action.

“There is absolutely not the basis for the city to move against a business owner because he doesn’t like the way the city is trying to enforce its zoning regulations,” he said.

Larrick said a zoning decision could be appealed to Saratoga County Superior Court later this month.

The park opened in 1995 and now employs five full-time employees who keep up the park’s operation and staff.

The park is in a residential area and receives some foot and bicycle traffic

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