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Is it wrong to have an abortion?

Is it wrong to have an abortion?

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is right, abortion is a local issue

I have been following the issue of abortion in this county very closely, and as a resident of this county over 26 years I am always astounded at the amount of information that is provided to us on the subject, but most of that information is based on the opinions of the church, the family, a few others, and some local politicians.

I have always been puzzled by that, as I have had many discussions with my extended family about this topic, most have not seen anything in the bible that has anything to do with this issue. My wife and I had a very good discussion about this subject also, for the last couple of decades, but everytime we reach an agreement, she starts in about how wrong we are for not wanting to have an abortion, and my response is always the same, there is not a verse in the bible that says you can’t have a child and that it is wrong.

I can’t speak for anyone else, I believe my views are not the only ones out there, but I have often heard the pro-choice position that you don’t need an abortion, but the pro-life position is that you don’t need to take care of that child and you don’t have to see it. My wife and I always seem to find a middle ground, and we both agree that if the child is a legitimate child and is not abusing the mother then we should have to have an abortion, however we both also agree that it is not the same as incestual rape, where the perpetrator does not want to see the harm the child will cause another, or that the child has no value to the father, he does not even get along with his wife, and may think it is selfish of the mother to let the child live, which he has a right to, but then the father has a right to put his own child up for adoption.

We always have found a good compromise, and agree that the child should be cared for, and the father has a right to raise that child, but that we as parents

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