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John Mayer’s “This is Me, Now” is a tribute to Ben Affleck

John Mayer’s “This is Me, Now” is a tribute to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez previews new ‘This is Me…Now’ album, featuring songs inspired by Ben Affleck

With the recent death of actor Ben Affleck, Hollywood is reeling from an untimely act of violence. Fans were outraged when the actor committed suicide in 2014, and the impact of the tragedy has been felt throughout all genres of entertainment.

Ben’s untimely death was said to have inspired new music to be written by musician John Mayer, and now, another artist has been inspired after the tragedy.

John wrote a number of lyrics and wrote the album, This is Me, Now. He told Billboard magazine that Affleck’s death was an inspiration to him, and that it inspired him to write some of the songs on his new album.

“It really touched me and I just wanted to make something. That’s always going to be my story. A lot of people want to talk about suicide and they don’t really want to talk about life. I had to make it my story and I don’t want to just make it another way to talk about it,” he said.

The album is also filled with songs about mental health and the hardships that come with them, which were inspired by the death of another Hollywood actor, Bruce Lee.

John wrote a poem called “The Last Laugh” about Bruce Lee’s life and death, which was inspired by the actor, who died in 1973.

“I just wanted to create something where I can make a connection between Bruce Lee and Ben Affleck and how we’ve both experienced a great tragedy in our lives and our art. And also to inspire young men to recognize their story and recognize their history,” he said.

John said that he wanted to make the music about the subject matter as well, but the story was just as important to him, adding that he didn’t want to write a song just about the subject matter.

John’s new album is coming out May 15, and will be available everywhere Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify and on John’s website. His new album will feature 10 covers, including the

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