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Kristen Bell admits she is a big proponent of psychedelic mushrooms

Kristen Bell admits she is a big proponent of psychedelic mushrooms

Kristen Bell once tried mushrooms and revealing it to her kids ‘backfired’ on her

The actress admitted in an interview with Esquire that she is a big proponent of psychedelic mushrooms.

The 29-year-old’s revelation came during an Esquire cover story in which the former Disney star revealed that she had been “on a bender” with magic mushrooms over the course of a week, with the experience “backfiring” on her.

Kristen Bell went to visit family in the Dominican Republic for Easter. She said: “I made a mushroom trip in one week from when I got in, and I went up into the mountains. My family and loved ones live in the mountains over there, so I came out with the intention of doing one mushroom trip just to get away from home for a week. And then I remember it not going quite the way I expected it to go, so I got back in my car and I decided to drive around, which I normally wouldn’t do… I decided to stop drinking alcohol and I decided that I really wanted to do something really special with my life, and I did and I went to the mountains to get away from my life, and to do something really special in terms of my mind and my body and to grow and get away from whatever it was that I was struggling with and make my mind a different place for the betterment of my life.”

“I did nothing but sit in the car for about a half hour and I just stopped thinking. My brain stopped working and it was like, ‘Oh no,’ and then I started to realize that I was really not on my mind at all for a very long time. I was just really relaxed, and I started to laugh a lot and that really just made my whole body start to relax and it went from there. It started to give me the best of both worlds, which is a huge gift.”

Kristen Bell revealed in the piece that “the mushrooms opened up the flood gates for me to deal with everything that was there.” She said: “I just got everything, and I felt like I was getting to see life a different way and what was going on from my brain, and there were a lot of things I was dealing with, and I just kind of felt like I wasn’t doing drugs and I was not drinking too much alcohol and I was not getting depressed.

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