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The Bad Sisters: Who Made The Cut?

The Bad Sisters: Who Made The Cut?

The ‘Bad Sisters’ cast on the liberating joys of attempted murder.

The second episode in The Bad Sisters’ (season one, episode 2) new series is aptly titled ‘The Second Murder’. As the four women make their way to the scene of the crime, one in particular is determined to be a suspect. Can their theories be correct?

The cast of The Bad Sisters are as talented actors as any on television, which is no small feat considering it means that they’re also writers. One of the most interesting aspects of the series is that there’s no clear divide between being a hero or a villain, and that the actors can easily switch roles between hero and villain. While this was probably the most successful formula at launch, it was very much in evidence in The Bad Sisters’ third season, but had been taken for granted by the show’s creators until it was pointed out a couple of months ago.

It’s the writers who decide which parts they’ll kill off, and there’s no one better at that than the producers. I’d never seen a show with this many wonderful actresses, in any genre, playing so many different kinds of characters than this, so I was interested to see which one made the cut. For me, while it’s a slightly unfair question, it’s one I’m genuinely interested to know the answer to. I also have a personal curiosity where the actresses all come from as I’ve grown up with the show: The Bad Sisters is produced by the writer and actor’s husband, Stephen Beresford, who has a career that stretches back to Shakespearean actors in the fifties.

So, here we are. The first episode, ‘The Second Murder’, is based on the true-life murder of Englishwoman Susan Smith that happened in 1971. The story follows the investigation of the crime from the point of view of the various characters who discover she was murdered and find themselves questioning their own roles in it. The first part of the episode had a bit of a slow start, but soon the

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