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The Best Museums in Mexico City

The Best Museums in Mexico City

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and More: Visiting Mexico City’s House Museums

For those who take the time and have the money to do so, visiting Mexico City’s iconic and varied collections of art, history and archaeology is a fun and worthwhile experience.

We visited two important and large museums to try and soak in the local culture and the importance of Mexico City’s cultural heritage, art and architecture.

Istanbul’s Aynalıkaht ’Şiş

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The Aynalıkaht ’Şiş is one of the most popular museums in Turkey. With just one building it is extremely easy to get to but there is good reason for the popularity of the museum and its beautiful, ornate, Turkish style reception desk. Aynalıkaht ’Şiş is a modern museum with an unusual collection of items that includes antiquities and cultural objects.

There are over 2,000 objects including gold, copper, clay, glass, jewellery, weapons, ceramics, and sculptures displayed on walls in Turkish style houses. The Turkish style is called Büyük Beklediği (huge masterpieces). The building is in a very traditional Turkish courtyard with a fountain that sits in front of the building. The Aynalıkaht ’Şiş Museum is a very popular museum and is one of the most visited museums in Istanbul.

Museums in Mexico

Museums in Mexico City are a rare gem but even then, they seem to be more accessible in Mexico City than in other places in the world.

Here we are in a museum that is known for being one of the few museums in Mexico where you can walk around and look at everything as if you’re at a museum.

We walked around the museum and took advantage of the wonderful exhibits that were displayed on a large scale so that we were able to really take in the museum as a whole.

I have never walked around an art museum in Mexico and I will say that the beauty of this museum is amazing! The exhibition space is very large, there are many different displays in different galleries and we noticed that the displays would change at different times each year.

When you walk around and look around the museum (which is on top of a

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