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The Man Who Had Long Hair

The Man Who Had Long Hair

‘House of the Dragon’ Hair Inspires an Icy Blond Renaissance

A couple of years ago, I found myself in the company of a couple of guys who were fashion enthusiasts. I was there visiting a friend I didn’t want to let go, so as I walked through the door, I was greeted with the first sight of his hair: his long hair.

I found his hair to be something that was beautiful and something that really inspired me. The reason he was there was for a good friend of a friend who he was currently dating. The friend I visited was his favorite person in the world. He was my kind of cat, and the only thing more special about his cat was I had never met him.

The man was a professional football player. As you would expect, when he was the captain of the football team, he was very much loved and appreciated by the fans. When he wasn’t in the spotlight—when he was not the player to be—his hair was. It was perfectly cut, and it had a beautiful, thick, silky texture. It was long and blonde, and he had a long, silky, thick beard that was unrivaled in hair length. He wore his hair long and I had wondered how it would grow there. In fact, I saw one of his teammates a few times while we were there, and he had a very similar bald spot to the one we saw. I was like, “You have unrulier than this guy.” I was blown away by this guy’s hair.

He was also a very nice person. He was just a very outgoing person and he was very genuine. When we were at the house, he shared stories with me about how he was the guy who would spend the nights watching cartoons, because he was afraid that his family would be watching. He would watch cartoons for hours and hours until he fell asleep

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