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The Oceanside Sentinel is a Humane Organization

The Oceanside Sentinel is a Humane Organization

Letters to the Editor: There is no ‘humane’ way to raise animals for meat. It’s a basic and universal truth. There is no humane method to’save’ them. What you are doing is actually killing them. You have to treat each animal as you would a person. You have to try to make that animal comfortable, not just in the moment, but over the long haul. Most animals do NOT want to be raised for food. What good will your food do them? They are in a situation where they are struggling for survival, they are depressed, they are under physical stress. Most of all, they are stressed from birth. How can you put that into the food system? It’s not humane to do that.

There is a humane way to treat animals that are just not being used (banned in America, of course), because the majority of the animals we have around here have been bred for food or sent to slaughterhouses. There are many animal shelters that do good work. There are more organizations that are focused on helping animals from around the world, than in America.

But again, you don’t care about these organizations. You only care that it’s a way to ‘feel good’ on this website, and get clicks.

Also, you are perpetuating the myth that there is a difference between humane and cruel. One is humane and one is not.

The only humane way to raise animals for meat is to breed your own.




This letter originally appeared in the Feb. 16 issue of the Oceanside Sentinel, and was submitted by Linda Schuitt, the author of this letter.

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I’m not against killing animals, but slaughtering or harvesting is not the answer to animals needing medical attention. A person who kills an animal with an animal carcass in hand is not ‘humane’ as most people here seem to think. It should be the same with humans.

I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. I want to be

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