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Thurgood Marshall’s daughter says she told her father about his death

Thurgood Marshall’s daughter says she told her father about his death

Justice Thurgood Marshall’s wife ‘Cissy’ Marshall dies at 94

Cissy Marshall, the wife of civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall, died Friday, according to his daughter and two published obituaries.

Marshall died at age 94 after a long struggle with cancer, said his daughter, Ethel. He made news in 1967 when he was the first black graduate of Harvard Law School.

He is survived by his three children: Ethel, who is a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, and William and Mary.

The obituary did not mention Cissy Marshall’s death. Marshall’s daughter said she told her father about it before reporting it on Facebook.

“It was very sad,” she said.

Ethel Marshall said her father’s primary regret was losing “a great lawyer and a wonderful man who shared his life with her.”

“He was very proud of the fact that his daughter had done well in law school as well as in school,” said Ethel Marshall. “He wished that he had known that he could have been a great mentor to a future career in law.”

In the obituary, William and Edward Marshall were not identified.

“He is survived by the three children he adored, his beloved wife of 51 years, Ethel and two sisters, Mrs. Virginia O’Hara and Mrs. Catherine Stetson,” the obituary said.

Thurgood Marshall was born in Washington on Feb. 14, 1931, to John and Mildred (Grimshaw) Marshall. He was a year younger than his daughter, so his parents were divorced when he was in high school.

The U.S. Supreme Court has awarded Marshall’s family millions of dollars in awards after his death. He died with no known descendants, an obituary said.

Marshall graduated from Brown University, where he

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