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Trump Time: A New Level of Fake News Media

Trump Time: A New Level of Fake News Media

Editorial: Trump doesn’t want your vote in 2024. Just your obedience while he trashes the U.S. again

From the editor that’s been reporting the news since Donald Trump’s election for the past ten-plus years.

It’s safe to say he’s learned to be a more careful editor, not only of the stories he thinks can be ignored, but also of the stories he thinks his readers want to pay attention to. And in the past month or so, Donald Trump has given us one more thing to worry about.

In my piece of Monday, I wrote about how Trump may want to get on Trump Time, and here’s a sample of what he’s now writing about.

“You just want your checkbooks and your 401(k)s,” he wrote on Twitter in reference to the government shutdown that he says is “a total and total disaster.”

“With so many people in the country not being able to get access to the checks needed for their food and clothing, they will not starve,” he wrote on Twitter.

He’s also now been tweeting about the “poorly designed” border wall he thinks is a “con.” “Walls work,” he writes on Twitter.

And then, of course, there’s also the “fake news media,” which “has now gone to another level.”

I didn’t tweet that last one.

The media did.

I’m sorry. I’m not going to try to interpret how that tweet may be “another level.”

I have one of two thoughts on that tweet.

That it’s accurate.

Or that it’s not.

It’s a very small point, but I do want to point out that one of the reasons I was a news reporter, from 2003 until last January, was because I thought the “fake news media” was the worst thing in the world.

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