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Why he thought he could make money in high-stakes poker

Why he thought he could make money in high-stakes poker

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures and a history of financial scandals


On Sunday, I’ll be doing a podcast on the man behind “Billionaire Boys Club”, the reality TV show that has earned him an estimated $1 billion.

LaVoie, 56, has been the star of “Billionaire Boys Club” since it began in February 2014, taking over for Donald Trump’s father Fred Trump.

He is the former head of the New York Trump Tower and is reported to be worth as much as $10 billion.

The “Billionaire Boys Club” was the subject of controversy last August when LaVoie tried to have a woman kicked out of his Manhattan penthouse.

The New York Times reported he had previously used to try to use violence to stop women from leaving his Manhattan penthouse apartment and accused of using a racial slur and derogatory comments to a woman during a heated altercation.

LaVoie has also attempted to use social media, like Instagram and Twitter to gain popularity in the entertainment industry.

The man behind “Billionaire Boys Club” became the second person to attempt to have a woman booted out of his New York penthouse after a spat. In August 2016, LaVoie was reportedly involved in a fight with a woman in New York.

He has a history of running into trouble with the law as well.

The city of West Hollywood, California, issued LaVoie a $1,000 fine on Friday for allegedly blocking parking in a public right-of-way.

On Monday, I spoke to LaVoie to hear why he thought he could make money in the high-stakes game of high-stakes poker.

And to find out what he thinks of the show’s success.

This is an edited transcript.

You may have heard that ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ made a million dollars. A million bucks. That’s pretty good money.

Yes, they did.

Are you surprised?

I’m surprised for other reasons as well.

Because you

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