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Why Should We Believe in God?

Why Should We Believe in God?

Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated. You Get the Idea.

“Atheists,” they say.

They have many other explanations, of course. The majority of American voters didn’t live their lives with “atheist” as a label on their identity, but most are at least open to the idea. Why? They want to know why the government is so wrong and their fellow citizens are so on the right side of history. They want to know why it doesn’t matter whether they can see God or not.

They want to know why anyone in their family would say they are an atheist. They want to know if there is anything good about being an atheist. They want to know if it’s a “fad” and what happens when they get old or die. They want to know why the news is so bad, so many lies and so much of the time the truth and facts are never the main story.

And they have good reason to want to know.

The truth is, there’s no God. Period.

We’re talking about this subject in the U.S.A. because of Donald Trump. But I also want to make it clear that I’m not arguing that we should all start believing in God. That’s a discussion for another day. What I am saying is that we should not believe in God.

When we discuss whether to believe in God, we are debating the same basic questions as we do with every other question, whether religion or science or politics. Do you need to know about science and religion? Are you religious or not? Do you want to know the truth or not? Do you want to know that there is a God or not?

That’s the very nature of questions with any question. How do we know? What do we know? Why are we asking these questions? Is there any benefit to knowing the answer?

Now, if you do indeed need to know and want to know, then you should also be open to the idea that a God does exist and you should believe in Him. The problem is that it’s not the truth, as we’ve established.

But it is possible to be open to all the possibilities. To be open to all the explanations and all the options. To be open to

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